Training for sustainable consumption of marine resources is an ongoing process involving teachers, students and the rural communities in the project area within the Mnazi Bay-Ruvuma Estuary Marine Park. Among the approaches being used include field excursions for students \ and teachers which provide avenues for discussions about unsustainable marine resources harvesting including dynamite fishing which not only kill small fish which cannot be collected, but also kill corals - the home of fish regeneration leading to dwindling fish catches. Exposure to re-use and recycling of goods is emphasized with examples of re-using empty water bottles or plastic bags for shopping. In discussing consumption habits teachers, students and the communities have been exposed to food processing minimizing by-products as well as food leftovers. Among other issues discussed was the habit of cooking different varieties of vegetables at once instead of planning the diet nutritiously. In this aspect the purpose is to bring about awareness to the people about the need to plan for their meals wisely to minimize food loss.