Kilosa & Gairo

Freshwater Sources Conservation Initiative,

In collaboration with Trust for Rural Food and Development (TRUFOOD), a local NGO involved in food security, community development and environment PAMOJA has been engaged in capacity development on conservation of freshwater sources in Kiegea and Mtumbatu villages in Kilosa District. PAMOJA has provided training to community representatives, religious leaders, teachers and village leaders about conservation of freshwater sources and also monitoring implementation of future strategies and plans of actions developed. Activities conducted as per the strategy include reforestation of catchment areas including establishment of tree nurseries and implementation of by-laws. Over 10,000 trees have been planted in catchment areas since May 2013 todate. PAMOJA has also supported with technical input to TRUFOOD in development of a proposal for water for life project to construct rock catchment dam and rehabilitate an earth dam in Kiegea and Mtumbatu respectively to improve freshwater supply to the two villages. The activities are financed by Church World Services. A research was also conducted and proposal developed for orange-fleshed sweetpotato farming pilot project on food security and climate change adaptation to 10 villages in Kilosa and Gairo.

Tree nursery Mtumbatu village.

Training about conservation of freshwater sources,Kiegea village

Training-physical identification of trees suitable for freshwater sources