PAMOJA in collaboration with its partners do hold events and also take part in organizing activities for world events like Earth Hour, World Environment Day, Earth Day, World Oceans Day and World Wetlands Day . In year 2014 PAMOJA took park in Earth Hour activities in Tanzania. PAMOJA facilitated establishment of Earth Hour Country team in Tanzania and also a crowdfunding project. In year 2014 also in collaboration the Mnazi Bay-Ruvuma Estuary Marine Park and BG Tanzania have organized World Environment Day event at Madimba in Mtwara rural on June 5, 2014. View our photo gallery for details .


PAMOJA has produced publications and also facilitated printing of reference materials for environmental awareness for schools and communities. some of the books printed include the famous BLUE VENTURES : DISCOVERY THROUGH RESEARCH on co-management of marine resources in the Western Indian Ocean areas - book one and two. Book one is Introduction to marine environment: problems and its solutions, and book two is about marine habitat. Other publications including a resource books for teachers in education for sustainable consumption, marine environment and environmental education are still at manuscript level. Interested development partners are welcome to join hands to publish them.

Other events include exhibitions, field excursions or study tours within and outside the project areas for learning purposes and sharing of experiences.

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